[Bug] New Cards Don't Appear in Correct Order

Hello there,

I’m a long time Anki user (over ten years now). I love Anki! And rely on it a lot for foreign language study. However, I’ve recently come across a somewhat annoying bug.

My decks all have their new card settings set to “sequential (oldest first)”. However, I’m finding that sometimes, more recently added cards are coming up before others that were added before them. When I check the “due” column in browser I find that indeed, the numbers are not sequential.

I found a fix for this, and that is to change the settings from “sequential” to “random”, and then go “check database”, before changing the settings back to “sequential” and then running another “check database”. That puts the cards in the right order, and checking the “due” column in browser confirms that. However, it’s kind of annoying having to do that constantly and with multiple decks. Does anyone know a fix for this?

Also just attaching a screenshot from browser. Here you can see that the cards I added today are due sooner for review than the ones I added yesterday, despite my current settings being on “sequential (oldest first)”.


And just to clarify, I’m adding these new cards using the desktop (PC) version of Anki (which is synced with an Android phone).

Tools>Check Database will update Anki’s idea of the next card position it should use.

Hi there,

I found that running “check database” once doesn’t fix this problem. I have to run it twice (after first switching to random order and then again after switching back to sequential) in order for this to be fixed. And even if running check database once did work, this is happening so frequently now that I’d have to be doing it constantly. Is there no permanent fix for this so that cards will always be added in the correct order? Is what I’m curious.

Check database updates the position that will be used when new cards are added. It does not affect any cards that you added previously, which toggling the card order does. The next position should remain correct as you add cards, but I don’t recall off the top of my head whether importing material updates it.