New cards not showing in gathered order

All the sudden my new cards are not showing in the order that I created them and weirdly it will switch between the lectures I made. E.g. If I had a lecture on the ear and the next lecture I made cards on was pain then it will show one from the ear and then one from the pain lecture and keep switching between them? It’s kind of annoying when trying to learn that topic. Any fixes? I’ve tried to put it on random then back into gathered order and didn’t work.

Anki version ⁨23.10.1

What are your Deck Options (Deck Options - Anki Manual) for New Card Insertion order, Gather order, and Sort order? Make sure you check the deck you clicked to study, even if these cards are in a subdeck.

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This is the settings for all the decks

… and?

Sorry forgot to include this!:

Those settings appear correct for what you want. How long have you been using Anki with these cards? I have ideas about the next things to check, but they cover a lot of ground.

  • If this sudden change was when you updated to a new version of Anki – did you switch from the v2 to v3 scheduler?
  • Are these cards in different subdecks, and you’re clicking on a parent deck?
  • Is the wrong order happening the first time you see them, or once they are in the learning steps, or once they are review cards?
  • In the Browser window, if you sort the cards by the Due column, are they in the order you want?

Probably at least 4 months now

I think it might have began when I changed to FSRS potentially?

The cards are in the same subdeck

The wrong order appears to be only when the new cards show up and not when you’re on the browse section as that is showing the correct order weirdly?

re this the due cards are showing in the incorrect order so alternating between lectures which is super strange as they weren’t created in that way?

for example:

Help me out here as to what I’m looking at in that pic? With no column headers and not knowing your data at all, it’s very hard to tell.

If your Due column shows a date and not a Due #, then the cards are not new. Anki will display new cards in the order you’ve configured, but once they’ve been reviewed once, they will come back in a random order, as reviewing in the same order each time leads to weaker memories, as you can guess the answer based on what has come before.

Sorry here is a picture with the column headers, it was just to show that the cards are in staggered order with ones being created earlier but being due later?

They are definitely new cards as I have not seen them before.

It’s just staggering between ones I made at 18:00 and 21:00 which are two different lectures

Can you at least widen the Due column, so we can see the numbers? I’m interested in comparing that to the created date-times.


Eureka! Anki is showing your cards in the order gathered just fine. The problem is that the cards you created on 30 Nov-1 Dec, and the cards you created on 5 Dec have all been meshed together with the same Due #s. That ordinarily only happens with siblings … :thinking: I have no idea what caused it here, but it’s fixable for now, so you can get back to studying in order.

These Due #s seem unnecessarily big. Unless you have a continuous queue of 1.5 billion cards in front of them :wink:, there’s no reason to keep them that high. (It’s often a Shared deck that brings huge numbers with it.) Since these numbers only matter relative to each other, you can assign them to pretty much anything to keep them in the order you want. The command to use is “Reposition” – read about it at Browsing - Anki Manual.

I’d suggest –

  • Search for is:new across your whole collection, and sort by Due. If there are sets of cards you want to keep “before” or “after” these, you might as well do that now too. Otherwise, just make sure none of them are high like this. Then pick a number where you want these cards to “start.”
  • Now search just in these decks for the cards you want to fix. Sort them by Creation time-stamp instead.
  • Select All > Cards > Reposition . If you’re not happy with how they moved, you can Undo and do it again.
  • Repeat that process for any other groups of cards that need it – put them in the order you want, then Reposition.
  • Run Tools > Check Database. Since you’ve gotten rid of the high numbers, that will set a new bottom to the queue, where your next cards should be automatically created.
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Ahhh thank you so much that seems to have fixed it!! Not really sure why those two lectures were the same due card number!

The last due number is tracked in the collection, and can fall out of sync if you’re not careful to sync at the start and end of each session.

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One question though! How do I stop the due card number from going back to the huge numbers again cause I made new cards and its reverted back to this:

It looks like the final step didn’t work, or you didn’t catch the highest numbers in your collection the first time.

Go through the steps of moving these again. Check your whole collection (not just your active decks) again, to make sure all the high numbers are gone. Then –

  • Open the Reposition window to check the queue-bottom (should be high), and cancel out
  • Check Database
  • Open the Reposition window to check the queue-bottom (should be low), and cancel out
  • Sync across all platforms and check the queue-bottom again
  • Restart and check the queue-bottom again
  • Add a note, check its due number and the queue-bottom again

If the number never drops, or jumps high again at some point, then there’s something to root out still.

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