New Anki cards aren't appearing in the order created

Hello! This issue suddenly started today and I’m not sure what caused it.

I have about 100 new cards in my deck and typically, the oldest new cards are shown first. However, the new cards appearing today are the ones made today, instead of the older ones I made over the last day or two. I’ve tried repositioning the cards in the deck and checking media already, but neither fixed the issue. Here are my settings and other screenshots that might be useful:

New cards starting at #46 instead of #1


What is your settings for New card gather order – for this deck, any parent deck you click to study, and anything in between? Deck Options - Anki Manual

And what deck did you click on to study? Your screenshot shows cards from 2 different deck-trees.

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I always click the MCAT parent deck

The gather order for the MCAT deck is “deck”

And the display order for all subdecks are the same since I haven’t touched this setting before

You can click on the question mark to read about this setting.

New card gather order

Deck: gathers cards from each deck in order, starting from the top. Cards from each deck are gathered in ascending position. If the daily limit of the selected deck is reached, gathering may stop before all decks have been checked. This order is fastest in large collections, and allows you to prioritize subdecks that are closer to the top.

This is most likely what you need.

Ascending position : gathers cards by ascending position (due #), which is typically the oldest-added first.

You can find more details at the link that was left for you above.


That seems to have fixed it, thanks so much! It’s so weird since I usually never mess with these settings, so idk why this suddenly happened after using Anki for 1.5 months.

I appreciate the help <3

I don’t think anything changed. It just depends on what decks you’re adding cards to. You had your gather set to “Deck” – cards 10-41 are in the Ps, much further down your deck list than cards 46-47 in the Bs. If cards 0-9 were Biochem or Biology, they would have been introduced first.


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