Randomize review cards

is there a way to randomize the order in which anki review cards show up? not the new cards, but the review cards.

They are randomised. No action needed.

it’s not randomized. i get my cards in the same order thru the decks every single time.

In the old scheduler, review cards are fetched from the child decks in alphabetical order. With the new scheduler, review cards are pulled from all the child decks at once.
I think that answers your question, but you are very sparse on details…

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My cards always get pulled from first the mico deck, the pharm deck, the biochem deck, etc. in that order. I would like to know if there is a way to pull cards randomly so I would get cards from the all decks in a different order instead of all micro at once, etc.

I use anking, so there are many subdecks.

Then switching to the new scheduler is indeed the solution. But make sure to read the caveats.

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thank you!