The "Show new cards in random order" not working for me

So I was using an older version of anki and stopped for some time. Now that I come back I updated anki to 2.1.44 on currently using it on Linux but when getting new cards it chooses the first sub deck first (the old scheduler random), I thought that this version have the 2.1 random schedule and no option for the old random scheduler. I am currently using Anking but without this option working it is really not a useful tool and I can’t find anything online to fix this. So any help is appreciated. :confused:

This is just how scheduler 2 works, but you can mix questions from different decks by using filtered decks, or limit the new cards from the subdecks:

Scheduler v3 will change that, you can try an alpha version from the beta section.

but then how the old scheduler worked? from my understanding the old scheduler was like this and the 2.1 scheduler was random from all the subdecks that was what every one was saying. Is there an estimate when will v3 be released?

There is a lot of info in the forum about this:

If you don’t want to use filtered decks, you can try the new scheduler by yourself by downloading an alpha version right now:

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Oh I see what I mixed up. the 2.1 scheduler only mixed reviewed cards not new cards. Oh well I guess I will wait and for now change the limit per sub-deck. hope this function come soon.