Mixing New Cards from Subdecks Within a Deck

Hey there!
I’m a Med Student and I use a modified premade Deck to study on Anki
Within that deck I have multiple subdecks (Surgery, Internal Medicine, Ob/Gyn etc) and, within each, multiple lectures (Lesson 1 - 2- 3 …).
The problem I’m facing in the moment is that, although I selected the “show cards in a random order” option, what is happening the app is clearly prioritizing the upper subdecks, showing about 50 new cards from it every day while showing only 1-2 cards from the lower subdecks
My goal: to review the lectures within each subdeck IN ORDER,
BUT… at the same time amounting approximately the same number of cards from each “big” subdeck

An example to make myself clear:
Instead of getting 70/80 cards from Surgery and 1-2 from Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, I’d. like to get, say, about 20 cards from Surgery, 20 from Ob/Gyn, 20 from Internal Medicine, IN THEIR RESPECTIVE order of lessons.

I know it may have come across confusing, but if anyone has faced the same issue and could help me out on that, it’d be wonderful

Thanks in advance!

New cards will always be fetched from the subdecks in alphabetical order. However, you can reduce the subdecks’ limits (to 20 in your case), so cards will be fetched from the next subdeck once this limit is exhausted for one subdeck.


Thanks a bunch!

When I try and do as you told, I can’t set a “new cards” limit on each subdeck… Rather, all I can do is choose a new card limit for the deck as a hole.
Any idea on how to solve that, as well?
Thx in advance, once again

You have to add a separate option group for the subdecks. It is explained here: Deck Options - Anki Manual

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