Cards in Sub decks arent random

I have the Anki 2.135 version and when I try practicing a deck from lolnotacop , the cards that get displayed are in order of the subdecks which doesnt work for me.
I have tried the add on hoochie papa but that no longer works with the new update and the V2 scheduler doesn’t randomize new cards. SOMEONE HELP.

As you correctly pointed out, the 2.1 scheduler still doesn’t randomize new cards, only review cards. It shuffles learning cards a bit (i think?), but it still has some system to it.

This is because some people want to study their cards in a very structured way (lesson by lesson). Beginning to wonder whether they’re even the majority.

The only option for truly random new cards is to put them all in a single deck, suspending and unsuspending cards as you progress. If you got any questions regarding that strategy, I’m happy to help.

Having the option to randomize the cards when studying from a parent deck would be the best thing ever.

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Thank you, I ended up doing that as it is the only option for now. I moved the decks that I wanted to do in one deck and that should work for now.