Alternative to HoochiePapa's Parentdeck-Subdeck Randomisation

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately it seems that the developer of the famous Hoochie series seems to have dropped his addons. Since I am a friend of good organization I have several decks with several subdecks (e.g. medicine -> internal medicine, pediatrics, pharmacology). HoochiePapa always allowed me to just click on the parent deck (medicine) and then got the new cards automatically picked from all subdecks at once. Afaik Anki (my current version 2.1.22 since I did not update in order to keep HoochiePapa) at least automatically shuffles learning and review cards from the subdecks (but pls correct me if I am wrong!). Therefore, I want to ask if anyone has meanwhile a proper solution for replacing that addon (maybe in the newer versions). Or maybe someone knows if it comes with a future update. However, I remember an old post by damien himself saying he does not find it necessary to implement such an function :confused:

Same goes to the functions of the other Hoochie addons which allowed to suffle learning and review cards/queues. Is there a replacement for that already?
That Damien is familiar with this request can be seen in this post:

Does anyone know when it will get implemented?

Thank you for the answers in advance!

I accidently posted this already in private mode and Damien himself answered me:
“Anki does not currently have an option to randomize the introduction of new cards. This may change in the future, but I do not have an ETA for you at the moment. Also please note you posted this on the private support site, so no other people will be able to see it.”

So I am still curious if someones might have an idea

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You can use filtered decks. I’ve elaborated here (follow the link to see an image):

Thank you for your answer. I’m aware of the option of using filtered decks but I still am interested if there is a way to go around of using those?

Edit: Btw does anyone know if the HoochieBaby (Randomizes learning cards) is still necessary? I spent a lot of time investigating if Anki’s algorithm does randomize learning cards by itself without finding a proper solution…

The author did updated this add-on up to 2.1.35. I think it is still necessary. Anki gets new cards in sequential order of subdecks due popular demand of this feature. Let’s see if Dae or someone can confirm this.

But do you also know how Anki proceeds with learning cards? How does it determine the order? While just trying to figure it out I noticed that similar “groups” of cards seem to get presented together again. My steps (in minutes) are 3 10 1440. And Anki jumps (the moment I have done all my new cards and revise cards) between the learning cards with the 10 min and the 1440 min interval, while keeping the above mentioned “groups” somehow together.

Unfortunately I am dependent on this addon.
I’m only on version 2.1.26 because of their compatibility.

It would be very interesting if the features of these addons (MAMA + MAMA + BABY) were native.

As far as I know Hoochie Mama is included in Anki scheduler 2.1 since it randomizes reviews almost the same

By the way, may I ask why filtered decks aren’t an option? It’s been a while since I had need for randomisation and I used Hoochie then, but had I known of a solution without add-ons, and therefore one working on mobile devices, I’d preferred it at all times.
So what downsides did you experience with filtered decks?

Tbh I am somehow afraid it wont proper work and on the other side it would mean less clarity to me :confused:

I haven’t studied with filtered decks a lot, but undoubtedly anything native to Anki is much less likely to fail than a thirdparty add-on. It’s also more transparent to me, but that may be a matter of perspective.

Is there anything official about this?