Feature request: Add custom review queues/ "HoochieMama" Addon

Pls add this functionality to Anki: GitHub - lovac42/HoochieMama: Addon: Randomize Review Queue

This addon would be very useful, it doesnt mess with existing scedules, but helps when a large amount of due cards pile up. Currently, I have 3000 due cards in one deck and they are queued in the order of the sub decks. I would like to be able to change that to learn the cards that are the longest overdue, or for example the cards that I learned most recently. That would help a lot.

Hoochie Mama have been integrated on the V2 schedule although here are some observations from the author

Note1: V2 only randomizes review cards, not learning or new cards. Search for the addon HoochiePapa for this feature. And HoochieBaby randomizes the day learning queue. These uses the same template but were not developed on the same day and operates on differ queues.

Note2: V2 randomizes subdecks but uses max reviews limit from the parent deck. This creates an imbalance where users with large amount of over due low priority cards could potentially end up focusing on one subdeck. A typical example: say Leaves, Clouds, Knots, and Math with a max review of 5 each and a cap at 20 for the parent deck. If the user have a large amount of overdue, say 25 each, the V2 scheduler would grab 20 cards sorted by dues resulting in 13 Leaves, 4 Clouds, 2 Knots, and 1 Math.

if you would like to go update to v2 schedule would recommend getting the 2.1.41-2.1.44
because of this feature:
The V1->V2 upgrade process no longer resets cards that are in learning, or removes cards from filtered decks.

If you wish to downgrade after, remember to click on downgrade and quit on the switch profile tab


Than you for your reply. The addon isn’t supported anymore by the author for newer versions of Anki. I downgraded to 2.1.22 to be able use the add-on. I would stay on the older version since it has all the functionality I need, but I want to be able to use the functions of the addon when studying on my mobile. If it becomes a part of the PC version of Anki, then it will be easier to convince the developers of ankidroid to add it also to mobile. (AFIK a goal of the development of Ankidroid is to not deviate too much from the core Anki project)

V2 scheduler would be better than V1, but it wouldn’t quite fit for my use, because I have larger subdecks. Also, the addon has a few extra features that are vital for me. HoochieMama allows to set priorities for the reviews. That way the cards are not only randomized, but I can also decide if I want to focus on older due cards or the cards that became due most recently. This is very important for me because I have a large number of due cards, most of which I wont be able to review in a day or even a month. I will probably need a month or two to get the overdue cards to a reasonable 300 cards a day.

The only problem that I have is that this prioritiy option isn’t supported on the mobile apps.

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Take a look into V3 Schedule that is coming to 2.1.45 (Alpha 4 atm)

Wow, very nice. Thank you very much. V3 has all the features I need.