How does 2.1 scheduler work? Due before Overdue or mixed?

I switched to 2.1 scheduler a few days ago. Before I used HoochieMama to randomize my reviews and prioritize the due cards over the overdue. That way I was able to systematically reduce the large amount of due cards in my deck. First the cards that became due that day and then the overdue. I switched to 2.1. scheduler, because I couldn’t otherwise randomize the cards on my phone.

It seems that 2.1 scheduler doesn’t prioritize due cards over overdue. Am I wrong or do I have to enable the option about the day learning cards.

“There is a new option in the preferences screen to show day learning cards before reviews.”
I’m not sure what that means.

I also only have the following option in my settings:
“Show learning cards with larger steps before reviews”

A nice person already told me that V3 scheduler should have more features regarding the prioritization of the review queue. But maybe the due cards of the day are already prioritized in V.2.1. In Hoochie Mama this was a sepperate button/option which could be enabled in addition to further prioritization.

" Focus on today’s dues first. This will avoid round-robin scheduling of forgotten cards. It will also ensure a set number of today’s due cards are taken from each subdeck."


Without this you (and I) risk to remain stuck in a vicious circle, miss the due date of most of your reviews, even the ones you’ve just started to relearn and maintain again. Just for clarification: I have about 3000 due cards, and need one or two months to catch up. Without the prioritization of the cards that just became due that day, the process is going to be much harder.

Please excuse me writing so much. I just wanted to make myself clear.

I’ve figured it out. You can create a filtered deck with prop:due=0. That solves the issue for me.

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