I don't understand the new scheduler

A few days ago Anki worked perfectly, I don’t know what happened.

Before, I would press the 30 min button, the card would show up in 30 min. I would press the 1 day button, the card showed up the next day.

Now I don’t know what happened! I press the 30 min button and the card shows up in 30 min, perfect. But when I press the one day button the card doesn’t show up the next day.

I figure that Anki is showing me all the cards that are past the due date but prioritizes the oldest ones. When the card gets added to the deck again the next day, it gets added “to the bottom of the deck.” I don’t want that, I want it added to the top of the deck like Anki had done previously. I have about 3000 cards, I wont be seeing that card for a long time and by the time I do I have already forgotten it.

This comes at a very bad time cause I have my JLPT test in a few weeks and I’m very busy. I’ve spent hours trying to fix this but I can’t figure it out, please help.

If you have a backlog of due cards, they’ll be shown earliest due first. I don’t recall this behaviour changing in the v2 scheduler. You can use a filtered deck to view cards in a different sort order if you wish.

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I like the Increasing interval order – you will be able to finish
the ‘the most urgent’’ cards first; but at some point you may switch to
the “Overduness” order.

PS. Unfortunately, we don’t have an option "Actual Increasing interval / delay order’’.

If by that you mean “the amount of overdueness relative to the length of the interval”, that’s what the relative overdueness option does. If you mean something else, please elaborate.

Please see the screenshot:

Calculating the Actual interval would allow reviewing “In Increasing Actual interval” order.

Ok, I understand what you are saying now, but I wonder whether we need this. Can you describe a scenario where such a sort order would be more useful than the existing options?

Use case background:

  1. Card type is ‘Overdue’.
  2. I always start Reviewing in “Increasing interval” order.

Let’s say I do remember the current Overdue card.
But I (and many users) never (!) like the next interval given by Anki.
So, i use the Rememorize option:

  • accept the pre-set ( or the Last Used) ivl; or
  • Input the New ivl.
    The value of New ivl depends on:
  • the Actual Delay and
  • How easy the card feels NOW.
    After rounding both variables, i do the math in my head. For most cards, I use E=2 ( to make calculation easier).

The next card Actual New Interval will be easier to calculate because the
cards are shown in “Actual” increasing interval order.

This workflow will obviate the need for the hard-coded Overdue Bonuses.
Also, sorting by the Actual ivl will show how well one remembers the high Interval cards.

Case-2: I forgot the card.

  1. Use the 'Increasing Actual ivl ’ order.
  2. Do not click “Again” - because the card is Overdue by >= n-days.
  3. Rememorize it using 7d preset or enter your own ivl.

I appreciate you taking the time to elaborate