Overdue cards- any scheduling changes?

Hi all,
I’m on the latest Anki version 2.1.44. I’m just wondering, for overdue cards that are rated ‘2’ or above, will the next interval be increased further to take into account that more time has passed? (In other words, because it’s an overdue card, I technically would be more likely to have forgotten the card, but if I do manage to get the card right, will the next review interval take that into account?)

Thank you.

Please see Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions

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@dae I think there is a typo on that page that might contribute to confusion, since the typo itself might seem to make sense. In the fifth paragraph:

When you answer good, only half the delay is used. And when you answer hard, none of the extra day is used.

I think this is supposed to be “none of the extra delay…”

Thanks for spotting that; I’ve pushed a fix.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: