Relearning old cards ignores the "New interval"

I have a strange problem. I’m not an Anki expert, so I might confuse a bug and a feature.

I opened a deck today that I last studied 5 months ago. One of the cards should have already had a decent interval (6 months), but I didn’t pass it. Encountering the card again, and answering correctly, I got a new interval of only 6 days.

Here is the latest info on the card:

My deck settings are like this:

Question: with the “New Interval” at 50%, shouldn’t the new interval have been half a month?

The card was overdue, though. You last studied it in August, and it was due in September, but you didn’t review it until today (in January).

Maybe forgetting an overdue card triggers a shorter interval than forgetting a card that was reviewed on schedule?

if you switch FSRS on, all of Advanced parameters in your screenshot except Maximum interval will simply go away.

I don’t want FSRS. The instructions I’ve read insist on SM2, and I trust their authors.
Well, it may be an overdue problem but I didn’t found it in docs, so asking here.

6 days does seem strange. Do you use any scheduling-related add-ons?

@dae I don’t think so. Btw here is the list of my addons:

If you can reproduce the problem after disabling all add-ons (from the Again rating, not from the subsequent Good rating), please let me know.

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