Cards are not going by my set intervals

I added new cards and usually they all show up in the blue as new cards but now they’re showing up in the green as under review and it says its not going to show it again until 6 months!! my settings are correct I’ve triple checked them. I don’t know what to do…I was adding cards from this same deck the other day and this did not happen. Any help would be great! thank you

Please locate a problem card in the Browse screen, use Cards>Card Info, and post a screenshot here.

Some cards are following what my settings are but some are not

Card Info is in the Cards menu at the top, rather than the “Cards…” button you’ve clicked on.

That looks like a new card to me. Can we see a screenshot of what answer buttons are shown when studying that same card in the study screen? Either the 6 month intervals are from a different card, or you have changed the deck options from the defaults.

Yes so I added new cards and usually when I add it follows the intervals I have set. Now it is saying this on all the new cards “6.0 mo”

these are my settings

I asked for a screenshot of the same card in the review screen; you’ve shown a different one. If you locate one of the cards with the 6 month intervals in the browse screen and show the card info, I suspect you’ll find it shows the cards are not actually new, and have been reviewed before. If you want the intervals reset, you can either use the Again button or reset the cards to new using the Reschedule option.

Hello…that is the screen shot from the review screen…i apologize if its not what you want im a little bit unsure of what you mean… It is highlighted which means i have never once reviewed the cards before. They are completely new cards

They are not - if I search for that review card in your AnkiWeb collection, the card info is as follows:

If you are sure you have never reviewed that card, perhaps the person who shared the deck with you did not export it with scheduling excluded.

If you want to reset the card to new, please see my previous post.

Oh okay thank you so much. Do you mind explaining how you got to that review screen? do i have to do that from the website or the app?

It is the same screen as shown here:

The main difference is that the card has been reviewed before, so it shows a history of reviews, when the card you selected previously was a new card. You’re also running an older Anki version, making the display of that screen slightly different.

thanks so much!