Cards keep resetting every day

I have my new cards steps in 15, 1440, 8640 (15 mins, 1 day and 6 days). I do the questions daily with “good” so it should appear tmw with a 6 days interval in “good”. However, everyday the cards reset back as if it’s new and it keeps showing me 1 day for “good”

Maybe check if this is caused by an add-on you use?

Please see When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

There aren’t any add that’ll mess up with scheduling; I only have Heatmap and occlude image

Could you post screenshots of your deck options and the review log of the card (The review log of the card can be accessed by selecting the card in the browser, right-clicking and clicking Info)?

Hmm, Anki doesn’t reset cards automatically ever as far as I know, and I can’t reproduce the issue, so not sure what is causing this.
I forgot to ask what is your Anki version? Could you follow all the steps in the FAQ link I posted above?

I’m guessing the manual reschedule was the OP trying to return the card to a 6 day interval. The fact that the card shows “reviews: 1” is odd, as it doesn’t match your review history. Maybe you synced an older version of the card from another device, or imported an older version?

I have the latest version of anki (2.1.40). I tried removing the add ons but the issue is still persistent

I just made the profile and downloaded anki a few days ago. I made all of the cards newly, so I’m really not sure what the issue here is but I really wanna fix it because I wanna keep on using the app.

The first log entry indicates that you had different settings when you started learning the card. So maybe the issue was caused by changing the settings while the card was in learning?
Of course, that shouldn’t cause any trouble normally, but the log really looks like a mixture of the default settings and the ones from your screenshots.

Should I delete the cards and do them all over again then?

That should not be necessary - any issues caused by altering the learning steps while cards were in learning should resolve themselves once the cards become normal reviews.

Sorry but what do you mean by that?