My scheduling is not working properly on Anki

I have been using the Anking deck and recently purchased the Ankihub version where the cards are continuously updated. I am not sure if something messed up my scheduling doing this, but I have been trying to figure it out for hours and have not been able to.

I have included an example of what I am talking about with the first few images of the card and then the scheduling settings that I currently have. This card should not be giving me the option for scheduling and it should be scheduling it further out. It seems like the interval is not changing. I may have adjusted my settings for the deck a few different times while learning the card so I am not sure if that messed something up. Other cards seem to be following a normal scheduling interval while there are others like this card. When I pulled this card into another deck by itself, it kept giving me the same scheduling even when I would schedule it out and click the study ahead option. I would pull new cards to the same deck and study ahead and these cards would follow the scheduling properly. I would really appreciate any ideas or advice on how to potentially fix this issue.

having trouble with Anki’s scheduling? Upgrading the deck might’ve caused a glitch. Figuring it out can be a puzzle. Maybe someone’s faced the same thing

If you review on other devices, are you making sure to sync regularly?
The review in 2023-11-25 looks suspicious. Maybe you reviewed on another device without syncing first?

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