Random Scheduling Delay for Learning Cards

I’ve been doing Anki for a while now and just ran into this problem this past week. For some (but not all) of my cards within the same deck, Anki is delaying my learning cards by a day. I’ve included screenshots of one such card info (review on 11-7, learning @ 1 day interval, but due date two days later on 11-9) as well as a screenshot of my deck’s settings. I also have my next day setting to default at 4AM and V3 scheduler off with no recent changes to deck settings within the last 3 months. It’s also happening regardless of whether I am doing Anki on my computer (MacOS v2.1.54 or iPhone app, although I know this is not an AnkiMobile forum).

Weird thing is maybe 60-70% of my cards follow the learning steps correctly. Is there something I’m unaware of regarding a scheduler or something? I’ve turned off my add-ons to try and narrow it down within the next few days, but I haven’t installed any new add ons or used anything differently within the past 3 months either.

Can you reproduce the problem after updating to the v3 scheduler?

I just tried it last night with the v3 scheduler on and I had a similar issue (not sure if it’s the same since this example also involves the new day start time). l hit good on 11-12 at 1AM (with my new day start setting at 6 AM) and about 15 out of a 200 card deck were showing up as scheduled for 11-13 while the rest seemed to respect my new day time boundary and are scheduled for 11-12.

If you add the text at the top of The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions to your custom study settings and run Anki from a terminal, it will show text related to the scheduling as you review. Please keep an eye on it as you review, and if you find a card is scheduled in a way you don’t expect, please paste the associated console text here.


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