Newbie help: learning steps not followed

Hi. As this is my first post, I want to say how pleased I am with the potential of Anki. I was first hesitant choosing this platform as opposed to others, but I eventually came to the conclusion that it is the only one that will give a satisfying solution to my study preferences. So I decided to buckle down, study how it works, and give it a try. I must have spent more than six hours reading the documentation (which is nicely done, by the way), watching a few videos, and reading a few third-party blog articles. I am surprised at how excited I am about learning with Anki!

So on to my question: The learning steps do not seem to be working as I thought they should from reading the manual. Maybe I am missing something, or maybe there is a bug? Here are the learning steps I have configured for this deck:

10 2160 10080 43200

And here is a sample card that does not follow seem to follow those steps:

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 08.13.54

I began learning this card yesterday around noon, and this morning it came up for review earlier than I would have expected. Then I missed it, so I expected that it would go back to the beginning of the learning steps, but instead, as the change in ease seems to indicate, it looks like it is treating it as lapsed, so did it already leave the learning phase? In fact, if I’m not mistaken, it appears to be following the default steps rather than the learning steps I put in.

Here are some points that may be relevant:

  • I am inputting cards via Anki 2.1.30 on Mac; I am studying cards via the latest version of AnkiMobile on iPhone (yesterday at noon) and iPad (my review this morning)
  • I have no addons
  • I have scheduling set up to use the new 2.1 beta scheduling in the Mac app; I can’t find that setting on AnkiMobile.
  • I picked the scheduler and set up learning steps before I started learning this card.

I will be glad for some guidance. Please let me know if there are more details I can provide.

Yes, it looks like the card graduated after the default 10 mins/1 day steps. Perhaps you changed the options in a different deck, or changed the options after that when the card was already on its final step?

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Thank you so much for responding.

That was the problem. I was sure I had not, and I was quite prepared to restart everything and take careful notes to get to the bottom of things. But no, as I double checked, it turns out I had made that simple mistake after all. I thought I had assigned my custom options group to both the parent deck and the sub deck, but in fact the sub deck is still set to default.

I am relieved to find that it was neither a bug in the software nor a misunderstanding after I tried so hard to learn the software. Just a simple mistake.

I do thank you again.

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