Anki ignoring the steps

Hey everyone !

I couldn’t find any topics related to my problem so as a last try, I am now posting a message here.

So lately my Anki has been doing weird things. I’ve changed the default settings a while back now and haven’t had any problems before.
My steps are 15 1440 4320 8640
Graduating interval is 15 days
Easy interval is 20 days

And for a reason I don’t really understand, once I’ve seen my card, and pressed Good, the day after, instead of having a “3 days” (4320 min) interval for good, I have a 15 days interval. I’ve checked the infos of my cards, the ease is normal and didn’t change, the cards are still in learning phase. Though it’s not following the steps but rather, acting as if my cards had been learned.

I am completely lost and have not been able to use Anki and learn for my exams because of this, does someone have an idea where the problem could be ?

Thanks a lot !

Did you rule out add-ons? What did the Good button say the interval would be?
It would help if you showed the info stats of the concerned card. Also keep in mind that changing the learning steps in the deck options will not affect cards already in learning.


Thank you for your answer ! Yes I ruled out add-ons but nothing has changed. The infos of the cards that are not working are:
Capture d’écran 2021-02-08 102710

As for the good button, I have this:
Capture d’écran 2021-02-08 102948

The problem seems to be resolved when I press “à revoir” as shown here:
Capture d’écran 2021-02-08 104327

Since my cards are from a shared deck that I modify myself afterwards and take into my own decks, maybe Anki considers them in learning phase, even though I haven’t start learning them and no learning steps are shown in the infos ?

Thanks again ! :slight_smile:

When there are no prior reviews in the card info, there shouldn’t be a problem with the imported deck.
It really looks like you only recently (in the last three days) changed the learning steps and when you started learning these cards, your settings were instead something like 15 1440 18720. It’s the expected behaviour then.

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That’s exactly why I was wondering what happened, because the steps has been changed several months ago actually. But maybe I haven’t been paying too much attention to it and something like that happened.

But well, it seems to work when I use the “reset cards” addon, so I might try this from now on. Thanks a lot again ! I’ll come back if it doesn’t work, even though I doubt there would be a better explanation :sweat_smile: