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Cards not following correct learning interval steps

Hi everyone, I’m relatively experienced using Anki for its more basic features, but have really been having some issues with cards that don’t following their correcting learning intervals after I first see them.

What I mean is, I will see a new card, and select “Good” (for which my first step is 10min). However, I will see this card again and instead of “Good” having a step of 1d (my next step), it will still have a lapse of 10min. This won’t happen to all of my cards, but only some of them, seemingly randomly. Occasionally, if I hit “Good” enough it will change to the correct 1d interval, but not always. This is really slowing me down as I keep seeing the same learning cards over and over.

I will list the relevant settings below- I have not changed these settings while using this new deck with cards in the learning phase, which is what I thought had initiated the problem in another deck I was previously using. Does anyone have any suggestions? I apologize if this is just a goof because I don’t understand all the settings, but I’ve researched this a bunch and can’t find anything, as this is a new deck for which I have not yet adjusted the settings or changed any of the settings of other decks. I also don’t have any add-ons aside from Image Occlusion, which I’ve had for ages and this was never a problem before.Thank you!

Learning phase steps: 1min 10min 1d 3d
Easy interval: 8d
Graduating interval: 6d

Maximum interval: 240
Starting ease: 2.5
Easy bonus: 1.4
Interval modifier: 1.0
Hard interval: 1.2
New interval: 0

Are hoy using subdecks? If so, are they using the same preset?

Could you post a screenshot of card info (press i while studying a card) of one of the problematic cards?

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I am using subdecks, all with the same settings as above which is my default. Here’s the info on one of the problem cards:

You’re rating that learning card as “Hard” (2) , not as “Good” (3). On learning cards, Hard repeats the current step after the first step, and is the average of Again and Good.

That’s why you are getting 5,5m (average between Again and Good, since your learning steps are 1min 10min 1d 3d) when pressing Hard repeatedly.


Oh! Thank you so much, wow, that’s embarrassing. I’ve been using an 8BitDo for keyboard shortcuts and I apparently messed up some of my shortcut keys. Thank you so much, definitely won’t make that mistake again!