Learning steps don't match settings

Hey, Im new to Anki and I have the learning steps set to: 15m 1d 4d

However, when I add a new card, the first time it comes up, I am getting the following options:
Again (15m), Hard (12.1h), Good (1d), and Easy (7d).

I can’t figure out what is causing these intervals to show up for the cards and what I should change in my settings
My comprehensive settings are below. If anyone can help identify the problem, I would really appreciate it!

New Cards
Learning Steps: 15m 1d 4d
Graduating Interval: 4
Easy Interval: 8
Insertion Order: Random

Relearning Steps: 10m
Minimum Interval: 1d
Leech Threshold: 8
Leech Action: Tag Only

Maximum Interval: 36500
Starting Ease: 2.50
Easy Bonus: 1.30
Interval Modifier: 1.00
Hard Interval: 1.20
New Interval: 0.00

Please see the definition for Hard. Studying - Anki Manual

Easy is likely 7 days due to fuzz. Studying - Anki Manual

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