Learning steps not the same as in settings

Hey guys!

I’m hoping anyone can help me. I have recently started using Anki and wanted to change the Learning Steps for new cards, to some which were more optimal. I changed them to the following: 15m, 1d, 6d.

My graduating interval is set to 15, and the easy interval to 60. For my full settings, refer to the screenshot added.

Now the problem I have: When I’m learning cards (it has been like this since the beginning of learning the card) the times which show up at the bottom of my screen for ‘Again’ ‘Hard’ ‘Good’ and 'Easy, are different from my learning steps. They show up as 15m, 12.1hrs, 1d, 1.9mo.
I just can’t seem to understand what’s happening, why are these times for Hard and Good not 1d and 6d??

Also, I was studying a deck and went over the cards for around 3 times now. Every time, on all cards, I pressed ‘Good’ each time. So, each time the cards would come up the next day (because the Good time is set to 1d). Does this ever change? When do these cards go from Learning to Due? Why is the interval time in between studying 1 day every time?

I would be eternally grateful if someone could help me out here, especially with understanding the first named issue of the times not corresponding with my input Learning Steps.



Steps do not directly correspond to the buttons. Please see Studying - Anki Manual

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