Hard and Good cards have the same time

For some reason, for my new cards on anki, the ‘hard’ and ‘good’ options are the same at 1day interval. I’ve never had this issue before tried changing this on options, but to no avail. Additionally for the ‘hard cards’ the time keeps changing - sometimes it’s 6 days, others it’s 8 or 9, basically my scheduling is very messed up! My current settings for new cards are: learning steps: 15m 12h 1d, graduating interval - 6, easy interval - 8, starting ease - 2.5, easy bonus - 1.3, interval modifier - 1, hard interval - 1.2, new interval - 0.1. Any advice greatly appreciated!

Hard will be 12.2h, but if you’re reviewing in the later evening, that ends up being the same as 1d.

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