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Intervals for some cards stuck on 2 days

For some cards, the Hard/Good/Easy intervals are stuck on 1 day/2 days/2 days. So same cards keep coming back every two days.

Did you change the deck options recently?

This sounds a bit like this issue:


Maybe this can explain your situation:

If the learning steps are set to be longer than the graduating or easy interval, Hard/Good might show longer intervals than Good/Easy.

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the issue of strange deadlines appeared me when I updated the new Anki release, before I had no problems with deadlines in my new cards.
After your answers, I’ve looked into “Deck Option Explained” and I read : “don’t modify the settings…etc…” so I decided to uniform my old deck options settings with the indications of the page. So far, after that, it seems to work out.


Thank you for your comment. After watching some of the training videos, I have changed some settings, and things seem to be working now.

Thank you for your suggestion. I have subsequently watched some of the training videos and made some changes to the settings, and things seem to be working well now…