Hard and good intervals for new cards are the same

My new cards have been showing 2 days as the intervals for both “good” and “hard” even though I have them set to different time intervals. My learning steps are set to “2m 30m 2d”, my graduating interval is set to 3 days, and my easy interval is set to 5 days. I am using the V3 scheduler. How can I make it so the hard and good intervals show up as different time intervals?

This is likely being caused (A) by fuzz factor, or (B) by different Options applying to this study – but I’d have to see the Card Info to tell for sure.

Starting with the basic expectations for intervals during Learn – Studying - Anki Manual – when a card is first introduced with those steps/intervals, you should see –
Again - 2m [1st step]
Hard - 16m [average of Again and Good]
Good - 30m [next step]
Easy - 5d [give or take fuzz factor]

Then, after Good –
Again - 2m [1st step]
Hard - 30m [current step]
Good - 2d [next step]
Easy - 4-6d [Easy interval +/- fuzz factor]

Then, after another Good –
Again - 2m [1st step]
Hard - 2d [current step]
Good - 2-4d [Grad interval +/- fuzz factor]
Easy - 4-6d [Easy interval +/- fuzz factor]

So, I suspect you’re at the last step there, and you’re seeing the impacts of (A) fuzz factor.

However, 3d on Easy is a bit short for I’d usually expect to see for fuzz on a 5d interval. It’s not entirely impossible, but I’m wondering if (B) you’re comparing this to the wrong set of Options. Are these Options from the deck the cards are actually in, or from the deck you are clicking to study?