Intervals are the same and too spaced apart


After updating my Anki cards now have the same time for ‘Hard’ and ‘Good’ Cards. Additionally after only seeing a card for a couple of times the ‘good’ button will be several weeks out. I am not sure what happened especially since I did not turn on FSRS. I’ve tried changing the intervals but no luck. Any advice or suggestions on what intervals to change it to?

In learning/relearning, Hard will be an average of Again (your 1st step) and Good (your 1d step) – so for you, usually about 12h. Studying - Anki Manual

If you study early in the day, that card will be scheduled for later that day. If you study late in the day, and 12h will cross your next-day boundary, it’s converted to days – so 1d. Deck Options - Anki Manual

You are controlling that with your graduating interval, so you may want to bring that back down. The default is 1d, but that seems silly when you have a 1d step – maybe 2d would be a good fit for you? At 3d where you have it – the next time you see it, Good will be 8d (current interval * ease of 2.5), then 19-20d (about 3w), then 48-50d (about 7w), etc. What spaced repetition algorithm does Anki use? - Frequently Asked Questions

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So are you suggesting that I change the graduating interval to 2 and also add 12h within the learning steps? Like this:

Or in order for me not to have the same time interval for ‘hard’ and ‘good’ should I just try and do cards earlier in the day? Because when I don’t add the 12h in the learning steps I still get the same time interval for ‘hard’ and ‘good’ but when I add the 12h interval it changes to:

Yep. If you want your intevals to ramp up more slowly, that’s the simplest first step.

Nope. I only explained why you were getting 1d for both Hard and Good. It’s not an error, it’s entirely expected with your current steps.

You’ll still see 12h on Hard sometimes, like you expect – but only when you study early enough in the day. Think of it this way – if you break up your study throughout the day, you’ll probably see that Hard card again today. If you don’t, you’ll see it the next day. It doesn’t matter whether it says 12h or 1d on the button, it will be the same result.

Yep. That’s because the “next step” is now 12h – Hard is the average of Again (current step 15m) and Good (next step 12h), so ~6h. In that screenshot, since it’s late in the day, Good looks like 1d – but it’s really a 12h step that crosses a day boundary.


Thank you so much! I tried it out for the past few days and it worked. I appreciate your help.

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