Call for help: Having constant problems with review intervals and haven't been able to find the problem despite posting in multiple forums

Hello and Greetings!
Hope this message finds you in good health. I am a student from India and have started using Anki from 3 months. I have also bought the Ankimobile. It has been of great help to me in my studies. But I have had a problem with some weird scheduling of my review intervals in Anki which I I am not able to understand despite deck options being right in my understanding. I am adding multiple examples of such intervals and a screen shot of my deck options. I would appreciate a lot and would be so thankful if someone can help. Please! (I have tried posting in reddit forums, discord servers etc but somehow no one could pin point to the solution or those posts got deleted)



Other examples of such cards. They. are of different decks and I have only 1 default deck settings no other grouping.

You have modified your settings a lot and I can see several problems. Consider restoring defaults and then only making adjustments you fully understand (see below for more information). But either way, I’ll give some specifics:

Learning Cards

Your last learning step is 20.5 days, your graduating interval is 22 days. That’s not much of an increase, so maybe delete the last step. The Easy interval of 10 is more critical: It should be at least as high as the graduating interval.

Relearning Cards

Similar to above, the new interval after completing the steps should be higher than the last step (20.5 days again). So you should remove some of the higher learning steps and/or increase the Minimum interval.

More information


Apologies for replying late. Thank you so much for responding. You were right about my settings being a mess. Hence, I did reset it to default and then tweaked some of those things. Most of things got better. Thank you. :slight_smile: