Review Intervals Screwed Up

Hello everyone! I just upgraded to the most recent Anki version, and synced my desktop collection to my phone/ankiweb. Suddenly my review intervals are screwed up. When I’m reviewing cards, my intervals will be Hard - 2 days, good - 9mo (ish), and Easy - 2yr (ish). The deck options are set to easy - 130%, Hard -120%, and interval modifier 100%.

This seems drastically different from old numbers, which may have been something like 10d/1.2mo/4mo or 2mo/9mo/1.3yr (kind of made up values based on what I can remember).

Does anybody have any idea what’s going on? These 2d/9mo/2yr options are definitely not what I’m looking for, but based on my exceedingly limited Anki understanding, my review settings are set up to be pretty standard, so idk what else to change. Any help would be much appreciated!

Some of your cards appear to be overdue: Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions