New cards don't seem to follow the learning steps

I have a problem with the scheduling of cards that are in learning. They do not seem to follow the learning steps I have set. This are my learning steps: 15 1440 4320. So normally if I mark the cards as ‘good’. It should be scheduled 1 day later than 3 days. Everything seemed to go good up until today. Look at the picture below. Does anyone know how to fix this pls ?

I notice that the card ease is 0%. The absolute minimum should be 130%. Are you using any add-ons that change the sheduling behavior or card easiness?

Also, which scheduler are you using? This all doesn’t make sense. Why an interval of 15 minutes if you claim to have set it to 10 1440 4320.

Now that I just checked, ease at 0% is fine in default scheduler on non-graduated cards. On v2 that is not the case. Can you share your deck settings?

Perhaps you have a 15 minute steps for lapsed cards. Your card lapsed twice. You can find those settings in the lapse tab of deck settings.

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I am sorry, I edited it. It is 15. But I don’t know why the interval doesn’ go to 3 days.

No it has nothing to do with lapses. Like I said: these are learning cards.

This is clearly not the case. We can see the whole revlog of the card here.

I am not sure what is going wrong here, maybe someone more competent has an idea. Is there a reason for you not to use the new V2 Scheduler, which handles a lot of things better?

No. I am new to anki. Just downloaded it like a week ago maybe. I will look up what V2 scheduler is. Thanks !

It can be enabled in the general preferences, Scheduling -> Anki 2.1 scheduler (beta). Don’t let the beta scare you, it is around for quite some time now and doesn’t cause any issues.

The only problem is that cards currently in learning (and those might be some cards, especially if you use the big learning steps showed in the picture) will be reset to new cards. I still highly recommend the new scheduler.

edit: just to make sure the rate of 2 equals to good right?

This should always be the case and doesn’t cause issues. At least none that I am aware of. The default setting is:
1 10 (learning steps, in minutes)
1 (graduation, days)

V1 uses 2 for good in learning.

I know. The revlog info does not provide enough info for that. It could be the case were he used v2 sheduler when tweaking settings at the beggining since he just began.

My last specualtion is tha his maximum interval (review tab in deck settings) is set to just one day. Since next due date is set to tomorrow (1 day as well). If that is not the case I’ll leave this issue to be resolved by others.

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No it is set to 90 days. Honestly I am just thinking of starting over again and resetting all my cards . Because i started out just a week ago anyway.

Please don’t. Just wait to get an answer by Damien or others. Since it’s Sunday maybe you would need to wait for tomorrow.

Okay I will wait. Thanks for trying to help out tho !!

There is no point in resetting all your cards. I would try changing the scheduler, because at a certain point it will become the default one anyway. Yes, it will have to reset the cards which are currently in learning mode unfortunately, but there is no real difference in doing it now vs later. If your problem persists after changing the scheduler - which I doubt - you could always come back for help.

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