Cards reviewed already coming up as "new" cards


So I was going to an old deck to unsuspend cards with thousands of cards I had already reviewed and saw a majority were marked as “new” cards. When I looked at the “due” date for these cards in the browse function, these cards all had "(New #109…) followed by a series of different numbers which contrasted from cards I hadn’t truly reviewed before that came up with “New #” and were followed by a series of different numbers. I then checked one of these “New #109…” cards and it accurately showed the review time but inaccurately pops up with blue colored font (which is usually denoted for new cards) saying the type is “learning”. See attached.

I have the anki 2.1.31 version. I am unsure if this update did this and if this has been noted to be a problem I can re-download the 2.1.26 version.

What are your learning steps? Do you have any step above 1440?

Yes, my steps for new cards are: 25 1440 4320
and my steps for lapses are: 20 1440 8460

But I know multiple people who have the exact same steps/settings as me and have never had a problem.

Since you are using Anking deck, my guess would be that you recently switched to scheduler V2 (experimental scheduler). 4320 is 3 days, which is your last learning step. So the card is still in learning due to hard rating (2). In schedv2 you need good or easy to graduate a card. Hard rating repeats the interval:

Hard repeats the current step after the first step, and is the average of Again and Good on the first step.

You can read the full documentation here:

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What I’m saying is that I have many previously reviewed cards that are coming up incorrectly as “new” that should be marked under “learning” cards in red on the deck screen. See attached for my scheduling settings. Should I have the “Anki 2.1. scheduler (beta)” checked off? Also, I just downloaded “Load Balanced Scheduler” though I had it disabled previously but that did not correct the problem.

Ok, normal scheduler. As I never have steps above 1440 I just carried a quick test, changing my system time. All behavior is a expected. 3 days i.e. 4320 minutes is your last learning step, so the next review logged as review type will be the next one.

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You’re using the old scheduler, which will reset learning cards to new when you do things like suspend them. Switching will prevent cards from being reset, but you’ll need to reduce your learning steps and work through the existing learning cards first, to avoid them being reset when you switch.