Repeat new cards

As I start i have zero cards in learning. I unsuspended 100 cards. Did all of them and hit good. If shows zero cards due for today new or otherwise. So I go to browse and search is:learn only 67 cards show up , they have interval of 1 day. (my good sends card to 1day, graduating at 3days) . I look up is:new I see the rest 33 cards out of 100 that I just did. Their reviews says-0 and interval is (5201) (3013) etc numbers in parentheses. But I just did these cards why are they still in new. I tried using both anki default and experimental scheduler. It’s the same thing. I have read many posts about it on Reddit but noone of them were solved. This is really messing up with my mind. Any help will be appreciated.

Changing the scheduler resets any cards in learning. I suggest you try again now that you’re on the new scheduler, and if the problem reoccurs, please select a card you think has been scheduled incorrectly and look up the Card Info in the browse screen.