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HELP - “Again” making cards disappear

Yesterday morning, I upgraded to the Anki 2.1 scheduler that prompts you every day to update after finally tiring of seeing the notification. It said it upgraded successfully, and I had no issues using Anki all day. I have not changed any of my settings, but upon working on a different deck late last night, I am encountering a huge issue. Every time I hit “Again”, whether it be for a new card or for a review, it does not move over into my red “Learning” section. The card number (in either New or Review) will simply decrease by 1, as though I had pressed “Good.” The “Learning” section will stay at 0 despite whenever I press “Again” on anything. After syncing between my phone’s Anki and my mac Anki, this is affecting all of my decks. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I am panicking haha.

The v2 scheduler’s learning count only includes learning cards that are due within your learning cutoff. I’m guessing your learning cards have a next step greater than the learn ahead limit in the preferences screen.

Thanks so much for the reply! My Learning steps are: 25m 1d, and my Learn Ahead Limit is 20 mins. How can I fix this so that it’s like how it used to be, where cards will immediately move to Learning?

They weren’t immediately moved to learning in the old scheduler either - it just showed the number even though the cards weren’t due yet. If you want the number to be updated immediately, you can update your learn ahead limit to 30 minutes.