Cards disappearing after I hit "again"

Earlier today I ran across an issue with Anki. Usually, when I am reviewing a card and hit “again,” it does not reduce the number of cards highlighted in red at the bottom. However, now when I hit “again” the card just disappears. I have not made any changes to my settings recently and have no idea how this started happening. I only have 1 add-on (heat map). My learning steps are 5m 1d.

Not sure if this will make sense, but when I am looking at a card and hit the spacebar to reveal the answer, <5m used to be displayed for the again option, but now only 5m shows up. Any help would be appreciated!

Have you updated recently? You might be able to fix the <5 min by decreasing the learn ahead limit in preferences → review.

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I have not updated anything recently. My learn ahead limit was set to 5 but when I put it to 1 or 0 it did not resolve the issue.

New cards are also disappearing and not moving to the learning section for some reason. What else can I try?

That’s the wrong way around, try to change it to something greater than 5.

Can you still find the cards that disappear in the browser? If so, how does the card info look?

I changed the learn ahead from 5m to 30m and it worked! I’m not sure what happened because I haven’t touched any settings recently, but for now the problem looks to be solved. Thanks!

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