Anki Reviews not scheduling properly, when I press "Again-10 min" it doesnt show up in 10 min, it shows up in a few days!

When I press “again” on a review card, the number of reviews goes down, learning does not go up, and the card does not show up again until a few days later

Whenever I press “again” (10 min for me) on a review card, the card doesnt show up again in 10 min, and only shows up in a few days again. The number of reviews go down as if I got the card right and continues through the whole deck and shows ‘Congratulations’ after last card, even if red 1 min was hit on all cards in deck. Anki not circling back/ not repeating new cards; hitting red 1 min button continues thru whole deck anyway, and I only end up seeing missed cards a few days later.

My learn ahead limit is currently 20 min, so shouldnt it be showing up when I press 1 or 10 min?

Issues like this are usually pretty easy to diagnose, but folks would probably need to see –

  • Your Deck Options (for this deck and any parent decks it is under)
  • The Card Info for at least 1 lapsed card that has been dealt with in the wrong way
  • Numbers for the size of your Learn and Review backlogs (if you have backlogs)

Hi, here are my deck options:

And this is the card info for a card that was incorrectly dealt with: I pressed again, and the review card number went down, the learning cards stayed the same, but the card never showed up again:

Your relearning steps are set to 1m 10m, so Again will be 1m.

When you pressed Again the first time [02:58], it was set for a 1m interval, as expected. Same when you pressed Again the 2nd time [17:19]. After both of those, you saw the card a couple times more the same day. That looks really normal to me.

[Is your next-day-start time set to the default of 04:00?]

Looking at this Card Info, I’m more concerned about what happened right here –

You graduated the card to review at 00:38, and it set a 1d interval, but then something ouside of the study session impacted it 1m later. And it showed up for you to study it again 2h later. That’s odd.

What was that event at 00:39? Do you have any add-ons that could be affecting scheduling?

The only other odd things is that your Options show a starting Ease of 200%, but this card started at 250%. Do you have any add-ons that impact Ease?

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Hi! Thanks for your reply. To be honest, I dont think that was a good example, as the event at 00:39 was me manually setting a due date of 1 day for that card. I was doing another deck with the same settings and I ran into the same issue. Here is the card info for that one, it may be more helpful.

So what happened here, was this was a new card, and I pressed “again” but the card disappeared, and when I went to check the card information, it showed up that i had rated it as 4/easy? But I never did that, I pressed “again”, but it somehow defaulted to that. Idk if that was a clear explanation, I am sort of new to Anki so this has all been a bit confusing, so please bear with me! Thank you for all of your help though! Let me know if you need more information.

In Regard to the questions above, I dont think I have any add ons that could be affecting scheduling or ease, but also is there a way to check if any of the ones I currently have are affecting that? Thanks again!

I understand your description. But if Anki is responding to Again-clicks by grading the card as Easy – I’m sure you can understand that would be an enormous problem. It also seems very unlikely to only be popping up in some decks of one user. I think it’s much more likely that something else is going on.

Do you have multiple cards that contain similar material? Whether they are siblings (of the same note), or otherwise have a lot in common? It’s pretty easy to confuse one card for another when you go looking for it after the fact.

Are you using any peripherals or keyboard hacks that might be sending the wrong signals to Anki? Do you have display mods/colors/bells-and-whistles on your buttons that might be interfering?

As far as your add-ons, if you post a list of them here, someone might be familiar with what they do (Help > About > Copy Debug Info). [It might be a good time to think about whether you should have them installed if you don’t know what they do.] The #1 thing to do when you encounter a strange behavior is turn-off all of your add-ons to see if it’s actually a problem being caused by Anki – Troubleshooting - Anki Manual (technically, it’s the #2 thing, but you get my meaning).

Hi ! Thanks for your reply. To clarify, it happens to all of my decks, just very sporadically and at random times, but maybe it is because of an add on? I dont think I confused the card with another, especially in that deck because they all are different. Here is the list of add ons I have:

I am not using any peripherals or keyboard hacks. Thanks!

I am not familiar with the functionality of all of those add-ons, but my eye is drawn to the ones that (can) have an impact the study screen – words like “keyboard shortcuts,” “auto-answer,” and “button” seem like good places for you to start looking.

As far as coming up with a reproducible case, you’ll probably need to watch for this while you’re studying. Open “Previous Card Info” (Studying - Anki Manual) along the side of your screen, so each time you grade a card, you’ll be able to immediately glance at what was entered in the review log. If this is happening to you multiple times per day, it shouldn’t take long to catch it.

When you find one that enters an incorrect grade in the rev log, take a screenshot, then Undo, and try it again a few times. If it’s consistently reproducible (or probably even if it comes and goes) on that card, Flag/Mark/Tag that card in some way, then Undo, restart Anki with all add-ons disabled (see the Troubleshooting link), and study that card again. If it’s still happening, that’s the minimum Devs will need to figure out what is going on with that card.

As for cards you think have been impacted by this so far, look for them (try looking through a search like introduced:X for New cards studied for the first time in the past X days, Searching - Anki Manual), and “Forget” them so that you can give them a fresh start.

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