Issue with red review in 10 minutes cards

I recently added more cards to my review each day and I think I may have messed up the algorithm. Now when I am trying to do a deck (this issue occurs on all my decks) when I press again to be reviewed in ten minutes, the red number at the bottom either does not change from 0 or if it was on 4 for example starts going down to 3/2 etc. I have tried restarting anki, increasing my review limit and it does not change. I don’t know if I will end up reviewing at the end and just a problem with the number at the bottom or has changed where my again red cards are going.I do not have any add ons so that is not the problem. I have also tried to google it and can not find any solutions. I would be so grateful if someone could help me. I am very new to anki and enjoying it a lot but could of made a mistake with the settings! Thank you so much.

If the first step of the “Relearning steps” setting for that deck is 10m, I would try to set “Learn ahead limit” (Preferences > Scheduling) to a value higher than 10.

thank you very much for your help and reply, I have a relearning step of 10 at the moment, is there a value you would recommend for the learn ahead limit? I just changed it to 20 and that seemed too not to have solved the issue. It is very strange as well if I close anki and come back on it 30 mins or so later there are more learning cards then there were before but then again they start to decrease as soon as I press again.

20m should be OK. Which are your learning steps for that deck? Can you post a screenshoot of your deck options?

thanks so much for your help. these are my settings. I am doing the deck at the moment and I think the issue may be sorting itself with the red card number increasing again but I may be wrong! Also should I not increase the relearning step to too high of a number, should it be within a range? Thank you again.

Thanks for the screenshoot. Please, try to check if setting the “Learning steps” to 10m solves your problem.

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yes it is now working, thank you so so so much!