I need help please

Basically everytime i’m trying to learn a new set of cards I click again as I don’t know it but I look at the bottom number (total no. of new cards) and one always goes less? And it doesn’t reappear

Please help, it happens for my review cards too when I press Again

When you click again on a new card, it is no longer a new card, it is now a learning card.

It will be scheduled very soon , so typically in a few minutes, which is when the red number will increase.

For more, I recommend you read this chapter on Studying with Anki.

But this never happened before? It went straight from blue to the middle one, now it completely disappears? I preferred it before

It also says I have completed the deck

For example I have 5 cards, I’ve pressed Again (1 minute) on all of them and they all disappear and it says you’ve completed the deck. This never happened before

If you select “Preferences > Scheduling > Learn Ahead Limit”, does it say “0”? If yes, try changing it e.g. to “5”.


Thankyou that fixed it

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