Cards are not repeating

When I am trying to review my flashcards, anytime I press the “again”, “hard”, or “good” buttons, instead of repeating so I can review the card, it just disappears. I opened up a new profile, I imported some decks and everything was working fine, I was able to review the same card multiple times until I wanted to review it in one day. So I copied all of the settings in the new profile in which the cards were working normally to the original profile where the issue lies, but this didn’t solve the problem

I tried restarting the app & restarting my computer but neither helped.

Are you talking about New cards being introduced for the first time? What are the learning steps of the deck the cards are actually in, the parent deck you click to study, and any subdecks in between?

This is for new cards being introduced for the first time as well as reviewing old cards. The learning steps are 3m & 15m in all the decks of cards, including the parent deck & subdecks

Review cards will only be shown once if you get the answer correct (grade Hard, Good, or Easy) – Studying - Anki Manual. If you get the answer wrong (grade Again), they will go into the relearning steps.

For New cards, with those learning steps (Studying - Anki Manual) – you will see them at least a 2nd time if you grade your answer Again, Hard, or Good. If you grade them Easy, they will graduate to Review and you won’t see them again today.

I understand why the review cards will only be shown once if I get the answer correct. But now, if I get the answer wrong, the card doesn’t enter the relearning steps & I can’t review it. With the new cards, I only see them once, & whichever option I press (Again, Hard, Good), none of them enter the relearning steps.

“Again” is the only wrong answer. None of the rest of them. If you have Card Info (Statistics - Anki Manual) showing a Review card that was graded again and didn’t enter Relearn, please post that and we’ll take a look.

Same here, please post the Card Info of a New card that skips Learn.

This is the card info of a Review card that was graded again

This is the card info of a new card that skips learn

Make sure you read the links I posted above, so you understand how learning steps and grading work.

No, this card has only ever been in Learn.

  • Graded Again, repeat 1st step
  • Graded Again, repeat 1st step
  • Graded Hard, average of 1st and 2nd step
  • Graded Again, return to 1st step

No, this card is in Learn right now, currently repeating the 1st learning step.

Sorry about that, then this card is in review

This is the info of a card that I haven’t used yet, is this what you mean by New card?

Not right now, it isn’t. This card graduated to Review on 2-17 at 15:31, and was set for an interval of 1d (your graduating interval), and apparently you have ease defaulting to 180% (for reasons unknown, but you didn’t ask for advice about that, so I’m skipping right past). When you reviewed it next on 4-13, it lapsed, and is now in Relearn on the 1st step. That all appears correct.

Yes. Getting Started - Anki Manual

I played around with deleting old decks, deleting profiles, redownloading new decks, and noticed that this problem of not being able to review the cards starts when I downloaded the ankihub Sketchy deck by rockroovy. When I made a new profile and added my old decks, there was no issue, but after I downloaded the Sketchy deck the issue appeared in all my anki decks

The only way I can think of that a deck could impact the what-you-see-today of any other decks is if you put the deck under the same parent deck and it takes precedence in terms of things like display order and limits. I’m unaware of a way that having the deck in your collection could change the scheduling of other cards.

But you still haven’t posted an example of “this problem of not being able to review the cards” – so it’s hard to say.

I wish I could send a video, but these are what the flashcards look like to start, and the final image is the flashcard after I hit the “good” option.

I’m not sure if it’s any help, but thank you for all your responses. I’m trying to get the card info for review cards but it’s hard since all my decks reset the learning progress

I definitely don’t need a video. But what is the problem that you’re trying to illustrate with these pictures? (And I really need to see the Card Info to tell you what has happened.)

In these three images I wanted to show that at the bottom card count, if I press the good option, the card doesn’t enter the relearning. It just moves on to the next card.

Okay, that we can work on.

What are your learning steps [it’s learning, not relearning, because this card is New] for this deck/preset? You mentioned 3m 15m before, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

What is your learn-ahead limit – Preferences - Anki Manual?

That card will show up in that Learn/red counter, but not until it is due.
Since you just advanced it to the 10m learning step, that will be in 10m. You changed your learn ahead limit to 0, so Anki stopped looking any further ahead than that.

The Learn/red counter works the same as the Due/green counter – it doesn’t show you every single card that happens to exist in that state throughout the deck, it only shows the ones that are currently due.


Thank you so much, they’re all working fine now

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