Cards no longer coming up for review despite short review period selected

I created a couple of small decks containing cards I want to review every day. (I create the decks on my Windows PC and then study on my phone.) When I study, on the study screen, I select a button that repeats the card in less than a day. Then I study the deck a second time, and this time select 1 day as the review interview for each card. I would have thought that this would result in every card in the deck being shown to me the next day. Instead, over the course of about two weeks, the number of cards I am shown each day has dwindled. In the summary for each deck, the vast majority of cards are shown as being in the orange “relearning category.” On one deck, the “Future Due” summary shows a handful of other cards due in more than 3000 days. I appreciate any insights into why I’m not seeing all cards coming up for review every day.

This link is explaining spaced repetition as we would expect it to work. I am selecting the red “<10 Again” button the first time I see each card each day (or perhaps sometimes the orange “<15 Hard” button), and then the green “1d Good” button the second time I see the card that day. Therefore, I would expect every card to appear again in the deck the next day, but that is not happening. Most cards seem to have disappeared from the review process despite my telling Anki that I want to see them the next day.

(The problem I am describing is for two decks in my Anki collection for which I’m doing speed work on recalling French numbers. I study as per normal in my other decks, i.e., I could select the green button the first time around, which could result in the card being delayed for days, months or years, consistent with the explanation at the link.)

If you want to rreview all cards in that deck everyday you should use a filtered deck, not a regular one.

Thanks for the suggestion. Alas, this does not solve it. I had already tried the “Custom Study” option to create a filtered deck to try to show my missing cards. Even when I say study 10,000 days ahead (which is then dropped to 9,999 days, which must be the max), most of the cards in the decks do not appear.

For example, one of the decks was created a couple of weeks ago. When I look at the information page for that deck, there are 101 cards in total, with 12 “young” cards and 89 “relearning” cards. When inside that deck, I click on “Custom Study” and enter 10,000 in “Days to look ahead.” This gives me a custom study session with only 12 cards.

The other deck with similar issues contains 100 cards. The information page for that deck shows 10 “young” cards, 18 “mature” cards and 72 “relearning” cards. When I create a custom study deck looking 9999 days ahead, that deck contains 28 cards.

So the problem seems to be that the “relearning” cards are not coming up either in the regular form of the deck or the custom deck in for those two decks.

If I search for added:30 in your collection, I see no cards due in more than a month. If I search for cards added in the last year, some cards are due in 2025, because you answered them as easy after an 8 month delay.

If that does not explain it, please identify one or more cards that you think has been scheduled incorrectly, and then include the ‘card info’ for them here, explaining how the shown review history differs from what you expect.

I’ve played around some more and found the problem: most cards were being identified as leeches and, as a result, suspended. I’ve gone into the Study Options on both affected decks and switched the leech action to “Tag Only.” How do I get back those cards that have already been suspended as leeches? Thanks.

You can search for suspended cards in the Browse screen, then use the toggle suspend menu item.

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