Review timing is off

Does anyone else notice this, it seems like I’m reviewing the same cards, day after day, week after week. It’s getting boring.

The spaced timing seems to be off on my decks.

I click that I know it (14 D, for example), yet the next day, I see the same card. And this has been going on for a month. How can I verify or fix this?

What is your maximum interval settings? Also, would it be possible to get screenshots of your deck options?

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Provide information about the card the next time you encounter such a situation.



Thank you for posting your learning steps, but the most helpful thing to determine what is happening with a particular card is the Card Info for that card (what @Keks asked for).


Card info attached for ‘Janela’…this is a very easy word, I marked it easy and got it two days in a row.

Are you pressing Hard option on this card? You said you found it easy so Hard certainly should not be pressed.

That option reduces the ease factor of your cards as you can see. This doesn’t change until you press Easy which makes the ease factor rise. I suggest you use Good instead of Hard if it’s a successful recall and press Again for fails. This will hopefully solve your problem.

Judging by the dates that are present in the screenshot, this is not true.
You may have duplicates of this card.


That’s because I’ve kinda given up on reviews because I’m seeing the same cards over and over and over. Makes it not fun to keep answering the same easy cards. And I got this card a couple days ago and I got it just now.

It does not solve the problem because that’s what I already do. This information is well known by me as a user of Anki for 8 years. I suspect there is a larger problem with my deck :confused:

I may have pressed Good, but think I pressed Easy. I most definitely didn’t click Dificult for ‘janela’ AND I got it two days in a row.

Unfortunately, we’re not going to be help you figure out what is causing this until we can see what Anki’s scheduler is responding to. For that, we need the Card Info.

You may have seen this card a couple days ago – but you didn’t grade your answer then. It shouldn’t be surprising for you to see it – it’s been overdue since 21 May.

It’s also not a surprise that you’ve seen it again just now, because you haven’t graded an answer on it since 15 May. Anki will keep showing it to you as long as you don’t grade your answer.

You seem to have ignored this suggestion. It’s possible you have duplicates of the word from different decks you’ve merged together. It’s also possible you have sibling cards and there isn’t enough to differentiate the card types, so they seem like duplicates to you.

To find us an example we can use, you should look through the cards you have been actually grading – rated:1 for cards you studied today, rated:3 for cards you studied in the past 3 days, etc.


Thanks for the detailed response. It’s just that this issue is not new, I’ve just ignored it in the past.

This sounds like it could be the issue. It shouldn’t be overdue as I saw it just days ago and then again the next day, even though I clicked Easy

As for duplicated, there are no duplicated of this word. The card is very specific with a photo I picked out and I saw that photo 2x. I’ve also just searched to make sure. Plus, Anki gives a duplicate error when creating a card.

What do you mean by this? I’d really like to give you an example. I thought I did with posting the card info for ‘janela’. I’m unsure what rated: 1 and rated:3 ties to the app/decks.

You can search in the card browser rated:1 to see cards that have been rated today. You are being asked to look at the cards that have been rated over multiple days to confirm whether they are same and one.

From the janela card’s info, I think it is possible you have multiple cards of the same note. The one you sent was “comprehension card” card type.

I may have found a clue. Maybe the date in my Anki is off by a few weeks? I just studied ‘janela’ again and I took a screenshot of the card info before and after the review.
Before the review:

After the review:

Today is 10th of June, here. Here it is still showing May. Actually, if you set the wrong time, Anki throws an error. I am not sure if that is the case with dates. Did you check date/time/timezone?

Hmm, added date/first review have also erred.

I’ve actually been clicking around in the desktop app right now, where is date/time/timezone located?

I do travel across the globe, all time zones for the past 8 years so possibly this is the issue?

These are different cards. You have already been written about this. But judging by the information about the card, you are abusing the hard button.
1 again
2 hard
3 good
4 easy

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Anki relies on device time. Change that.

If this is true, they might be duplicates and not siblings. The note id seems to be different. @drusty If you’re finding it hard to track your cards, you should use the searches as mentioned above. Also, you can isolate some cards in a different deck. Just to make sure you’re not looking at different cards thinking they’re the same.

Indeed they are differernt. That’s also very stange because I only answered this one card and took a screenshot before/after (after syncing because I review cards on my phone). The correct note ID for ‘janela’ is ending 297.

This is what I get when I search my decks and the yellow are the three types of cards I use here.

Is it possible to pay an expert here to solve this issue for me? I’d be happy to do this. I just want to get this solved and increase my knowledge of how the system works because I’ll be using it for life.