Anki showing the same cards set as "Easy" with every deck opening

Hi everyone!

Please allow me to seek help in this very topic, but I’ve spent a solid chunk of time to find a similar thread without a proper solution other than “ayo add this code to filtering and it works”, like I should know how to manually configure everything. Anyway - I’ve just buried my hatchet with Anki after a long break and I’ve noticed, that after revising a deck yesterday (with syncing afterwards), I’m seeing some of the same words to revise the very next day, despite the fact that Anki “promised” to skip those words for either 6.6 month or 1.4 year. It’s really infuriating detail, as on the other hand I feel like I’m wasting time and potential of this app and grow reluctant to keep using it, and on the other I don’t want to abuse “suspend” just to get rid of those “easy” cards, since it contradicts the whole purpose of slowly stray from the words I know better, not disposing them.

I have downloaded several of the most popular shared decks that I want to dive into, and I’ve never tried meddling with settings, so I don’t really know how to wrap my head around this problem, and what should I change/pay attention to, while setting my own…well…settings :slight_smile:

Anki, with it’s praised learning algorithm and being free (aside from paid user-decks) suits me the most above all those freemium apps with either solid paywall for quality decks, content for beginners or overall dumbed down algorithms that simply pile up my learned words to revise, without any actual long-term plan (from what I’ve read on the Internet). Looking at You, Memrise.

I’d love some guidance/assistance. I’ll provide screenshots of settings if needed. Thanks in advance and sorry if I butchered the category/title somehow.

Can you post a screenshot of the card info from one of the problematic cards?


Here You go :slight_smile: I’ve posted several different words that I recall seeing yesterday.

Weirdly enough, the Review date is obviously incorrect in all these.

These examples are all from new or learning cards, and everything looks OK: intervals are short because the cards are pretty new.
Could be that the content of these cards is similar to the content of some old cards, and you think you have seen them before?

Hmm, I am still quite certain I’ve put some of these words for the longest review time (1,4 year), so why interval is never past 4 days? Regardless, I’ve noticed all those decks have 2 of each word occurring as either a Word or Sentence1, but yet all other fields (description, example, image etc.) is the same 1:1. Should it be this way? I’ve seen doubled words across other courses, too.

Maybe this is the culprit of extensive occurrence, but I don’t get the reason behind it, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m new to this stuff and anyway I’m certain there are not “new” words as You suggest. Maybe Anki is somehow struggling to track the progress?

I’ve literally saw this card yesterday, yet it shows that I haven’t before.
Anyway - I will surely keep revising/learning for a few days and observe If I keep seeing those words despite sending them to the shadow realm for at least months.

Thanks for the assistance so far by the way!

Yes, probably this explain what your’re experiencing. Please, take a look here:
Getting Started - Anki Manual.

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You can see from your later screenshot that you have multiple cards for the one note. The top one is due next year and is the one you remember answering, and the second one is a new card that shows the information in a different way that you are seeing for the first time as it’s introduced as a new card.

But these cards are exactly 1:1, every field is filled in with the same info. I keep finding more examples like Critical - 4 cards and each has the very same details inside. Does it mean unless I delete/suspend the 3, I will keep seeing them as “new” (until I finally go come across all copies)?

The sort field will be the same for each card of a note, but that doesn’t mean the cards display the same way. You can click the Preview button to see how they’ll appear during review.

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