Help with settings please!

I can’t seem to figure out how to change my settings, but I have several large (shared) decks already downloaded that I am trying to learn, this is what I hope to do:

  • learn 5 new cards without seeing any others,
  • learn another 5 in the same manner
  • briefly review the 10 I’ve learned so far by mixing them together
  • learn another 5
  • briefly review the 15 I’ve learned so far
  • learn another 5
  • briefly review the 20 I’ve learned so far
  • mix those 20 into everything that’s due for the day and proceed as normal

Also, I am worried that my interval settings are messed up, right now it says
again - 10 minutes
hard - 2 days
good - 3 days
easy - 4 days

I know you can’t specifically program these numbers (or at least I think you can’t) but is there a way to make it roughly
again - 5 minutes
-hard - 10 minutes
good 30 minutes
easy 2 hours

OP: I can’t seem to figure out …
In Anki, it is hard to figure most things out.
The only way is to read the related Manual section ( Table of contents is very detailed !).
Changed: Read “Preferences” and set the “Review… Limit” to 5.
Read “Deck options” and set the New card steps to 5 30 60. Anki will set the “Hard” step to half of Good button.
Set Good option to 1d; Easy 3d.


  1. Make a new Option Group for each deck
  2. Review 5 cards.
  3. Open Browse screen; type rated:1 ( to list only cards reviewed Today).
  4. Preview cards in Browse screen
  5. Learn another 5 cards. The rest of it is obvious…
    When doing all 20 cards ‘post-view’, count how many cards you failed.
    If none, count the Failed cards Tomorrow. Now you have data on Retention rate ( for your Learning phase workflow ). You are likely to find it to be about 100% - my guess. Act upon it.