Repetition of cards after 6 months

I have a problem. After using Anki for quite some time I notice many of my cards say for easy 6,0 months but they come much earlier. In fact it seams all a bit random. Almost all of my cards from one deck even for hard a few months but they pop up much earlier. Do I do anything wrong with the settings?

What does the review history of such a card say? (Search for the card in the browser, right-click on it and select “Info”.)

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This is only one example. But as I see in the info, this information is completely wrong. I looked at this card already so many times.

Then maybe you have duplicates of this card which you are also reviewing.

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It seams I always have two cards but maybe it means front side and back side? But definitely some I have reviewed much more frequently than it is written. Something really seems wrong. I am a quite logic person but I really don’t seem to see that the logic in the system is being followed while reviewing the cards.

Here’s one of my cards, which might help people to translate from Ukrainian :slight_smile:

Edited: I think that should be “from German” :slight_smile:


That’s something only you can find out by searching your collection. It might be the case that you have multiple identical cards per note (instead of different ones like Front→Back and Back→Front) or you have multiple identical notes.
You can use the Find Duplicates tool for the latter case.

I just used the Find duplicates within the whole library. No duplicates found.
So strange. I still don’t understand this

Then check for duplicate templates: With the the card from your screenshot selected in the browser, click “Cards…” in the editor. Are there multiple cards/templates? Have they got different front and back sides?

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Strangely I don’t find any duplicates. But definitely the cards are partly coming much earlier then calculated (sometimes withing days or a week instead of many months)