Reviewing Ahead: Some cards shown twice

Hi everyone,

I used the reviewing ahead option (review ahead by 4 days) on my Anki Desktop and I was surprised to see that some cards were shown twice during my reviewing ahead study session.

Does anyone know if this is a glitch/error?

I was reading the section on Reviewing Ahead and my understanding is that if I use default Anki settings and only review ahead for one time, there shouldn’t be any cards shown more than once?

Thank you for your help.

Accordingly to what the docs say, this is expected:

The “review ahead” custom study setting is not appropriate for repeated use . If used to go through a week’s worth of cards before a trip, the mature cards will be rescheduled into the future and the new cards will remain at small intervals, because you don’t know them well enough for them to be rescheduled further. If you review ahead again the next day, all you’ll end up doing is going through those same new cards again, to little benefit.

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If any of the cards were in (re)learning or entered (re)learning during the review session, they may be shown again.

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