How to study the same cards more than once a day?

I studied the first 5 cards from the deck - done!
Now, later in the same day, I want to study them again - but “study now” is no longer displayed. The only option is “custom study” and none of the choices therein appear to be what I want.
I am quite happy to leave the progress unchanged on the cards, or to have the progress updated according to how well my 2nd study session goes.
It’s just that I am “a bear of little brain” and on some days I want a 2nd (or 3rd) revision session.
Please tell me what to do.

See the manual.

Yes, I’ve read that part of the manual. I just don’t understand it.
I was hoping that someone would tell me in simple terms how to do what I would like to do.
(the manual seems to have been written for Anki experts - not for beginners)

Could you please specify which part you did not understood?
Anyways, to achieve what you want to, you have to click on the deck which contains the cards you want to review, then custom study, and then choose the option that fits you (do you prefer studying in advance, review cards that you have forgotten or study new cards?).


Create a filtered deck of the cards you would like to see

“studying cards in advance” - no I just want to study the same ones I was studying earlier in the day.
“review cards” - no… see above.
“study new cards” - no… see above.
I simply want to study all the cards that I studied earlier.
Ideally this would be without affecting the repeat times (or whatever they are called) which resulted from my earlier study session - but this is not essential.

I suppose another way of saying it is - I just want to do more studying of the same cards without having to wait till the next day.

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To me it seems that you simply want to review (re-view, view again) the same cards, isn’t it?

That’s it. Is it easy to do?

Actually, I have realized this is probably not the right way to go. The point is that you want to review cards multiple time a day. This means two things: first, you want to review your cards more often; and, second, you want to space reviews in the day, right?
It is actually possible to tweak your deck options so that Anki automatically spaces needed review during the day, and it’s of course also possible to ask Anki to have more reviews / to review more often.
This is explained in the manual, of course. I would recommend you to read at least once this section, then once you know which sections explain the features that interest you, to read only these again to understand how to achieve them.
The manual is quite well made, so you should not find any difficulty in understanding what each option does.

Thanks for trying to help.
But “tweak your deck options so that Anki automatically spaces needed review during the day” - I think this assumes that I always want to review in some sort of regularly spaced way - I don’t - I want to to a normal study session (maybe in the morning) and then POSSIBLY study the same cards again later in the day.
“ask Anki to have more reviews / to review more often” - again I think this assumes that I know, in advance, how many times/how often I want to review cards. Like I said I just want a normal study session, but then have the possibility of going over the same cards again during the same day.

I appreciate your trying to help - I’m starting to think that what I want to do is unusual - whereas I thought it would be something that many people would like to do, and would therefore be easy.
I guess I will have to either read the manual in-depth, or just give up.

Indeed, your request seem quite unusual to me, because one of the key features of Anki is that once you have tweaked the deck options, you don’t have to think for yourself about when to review a certain topic, or whether you have learnt something: Anki already computes when you need to revise what, and this is more than enough for you to learn what you want to learn. You don’t have to make “extra learning”.
However, there are situations in which you may still want to force learning. For instance, if you have a deadline, it’s hard to make it work with spaced repetition, as the latter is an technique made for the long run. In these special cases, Anki is flexible by giving you tools to customize the studying.
However, just re-studying what you have already studied today does not seem to me something that Anki directly allows. You can do it without too much hassle, but I don’t really see the point, and if you don’t have a good reason to do so, I would suggest to not do.
If, after having tried the Anki “normal way” of learning, you still think you could optimize further, then there is no problem. But I would try the “normal way” first.

Why are you suggesting something that they clearly don’t want :skull: also if the manual is so great then you would’ve already read it right? Why not just tell them what they need instead of saying “oh actually you need to read this 23 part manual!”.

Because, as an experienced user, I try suggesting to the user solutions that might accommodate them, and that also work well with Anki. I don’t think (as said earlier) Anki has the feature the OP asked for, so I tried suggesting alternative ways of obtaining the same result.

Yes, quite a number of times…

  1. Maybe you don’t realize this if you only visit the forum occasionally, but a big chunk of the questions asked have an answer (at least partial) written in the manual. If I point you to the manual, I don’t have to rewrite the answer again and again (which is also why a faq exists…).
  2. The manual is translated in several languages.
  3. The manual is updated regularly. If, in any update, what I say here becomes invalid, that answer can’t be used anymore; if I point to the manual, the answer can still be used by future readers.
  4. The manual also contains a lot of details: I don’t want to make (all) my posts several pages long, but some users might still need these details.
  5. Some users are not aware that a manual even exists, and / or find it to difficult to read. By pointing to the specific sections that help the user, I make it easier for them to read it as they only have to read something relevant to them. Maybe that section can also answer other questions the user might have before they ask it.

First of all, they already expressed that they had trouble understanding the manual, so I think it’s pretty intuitive that you shouldn’t give them a link to the same manual that they just had trouble understanding. Secondly, “solutions that might accommodate” them doesn’t really apply here because they already stated previously that they didn’t want to “review cards more often”, since that would imply adding new cards.

If their question was answered in the FAQ, then they wouldn’t have to ask on this platform at all because the first link(s) would be to the FAQ.

Then, we have different intuition. If someone tells me they don’t understand a resource that has good odds of being very beneficial for them for as much time as they use Anki, my first reflex is not to ditch it, it’s to try and make it easier for that person to use it. An efficient way of doing that (by experience with other users on this forum) is to send links to the specific sections of the manual, so that they get acquainted with it.

This was not the meaning of my sentence. I’ll rephrase: since the manual is very useful as it contains ready-to-provide answers to frequently asked questions, but doesn’t contain all the answers to frequently asked questions, a FAQ was created, for the answers to the questions that are not relevant in the manual. The fact that the FAQ was created is a hint to the fact that using the manual this way is useful.

What the OP asked for was an unusual request. Something that accommodates them might be something a little different that they asked for, but they’re still happy with. Beginners sometimes fall in the XY problem, which means it’s still useful to propose alternative solutions to their issue, as it might, in fact, solve their original issue in a way they didn’t think about.

Besides this, I don’t really get your point. What do you want? What do you want me to say? Are you unhappy about something? If you have the same problem and are frustrated because you didn’t find in this thread the solution, please say so, so that we can try to help you. Otherwise, I don’t really see any purpose to this discussion. The original poster said, and I quote, “I appreciate your trying to help”, which means (at least it seems to me) that, despite all, this thread was helpful to them. If they needed more assistance, they would just ask for.

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Blackbeans has tried to offer help to another user based on his experience as a user and as a regular participant in this forum. If you think you can expand (or even correct) his explanations, why not just do it? That’s something that happens all the time here, and it’s perfectly fine. But focusing on criticising users who are just trying to help other users, rather than simply trying to offer further help is something that makes little sense to me (and I don’t think it’s very constructive either)


Agreed; especially when it is to dig up a thread already half a year dormant to pick an argument.