Need more than 1 study session a day

I am a new user here, and I need help configuring more than just another custom study session in a day. I need something like a review session at 5 pm and 1 revew session at 10pm because my new cards appear at 7 in the morning. I know that this is just a user being lazy but, well I’m just that. I know it has something to do with custom study but the lowest repeat time is 1 day which is not long enough, so I am humbly asking for a solution to the multiple review sessions in a day if possible, it would be great if someone can send a direct link to relating manual articles or just give a solution.

(I don’t actually know where the manual is located, so guidance to its location would also be helpful.)

The manual is here:

Regarding your other question: What is your motivation to use custom study sessions like this? As you are quite new to Anki: Your daily reviews should be the cards Anki schedules for you. Setting custom study sessions is e.g. helpful shortly before an exam.

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In Tools / Preferences / Review you can change “Next day starts at ___ hours past midnight”.

Currently it seems you have that set to 7 hours for “7 in the morning”, but you could change it to 21 hours to have the next “day” start at 9 pm instead. Then 5 pm and 10 pm will be in different “days” as far as Anki is concerned.

But… that will still only let you do one session a day unless you resort to Custom Study. Because once you do a session at 10 pm, that is your daily session until 9 pm the next day.

If you’re studying different things at 5 pm versus 10 pm, you could use filtered decks. Or you could just do half your workload at 5 pm and the other half at 10 pm.

My recommendation is to create filtered decks.

A filtered deck is a custom deck of your existing cards that you can use to study over and over as much as you like. Your cards move from the regular deck into the filtered deck for you to study. When you’re done, you click on the button to empty the filtered deck and those cards return to their original deck.

You can read about them in the manual here: Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

My thoght process is that I can learn it in the morning 7, and then review it after I finish studying as a little progress update, see if I can remember it and then once at night another progress update review before I go to sleep. I just thought it would be helpful having multiple sessions a day as it would help me speed up the process of learning.

Thanks for the good recommendation.

So, for new cards, you can set the learning process to be much closer together. In the options settings, under “New Cards” you can set the first time (what shows up if you hit “Again”) to a number of minutes (e.g. 10m). Then, put a space between that number and type in something like “2h” for the Good button. This will allow you to see the new cards more than once in a day before they become learning cards. For custom study, once you have finished a deck, there is an option that pops up to “study ahead” “increase daily limit” etc. those are easy enough to click on if you have already studied all the cards for the day.
In the end, Anki does the magic of figuring out when you need to see a card again, so studying ahead is not ideal IMO. But you have to find what works for you.
Here’s a picture of what your “New cards” settings might look like.

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