Problem after custom study

Good morning, everybody.
I’m leaving this message and going to bed. (GMT-3)

My new Anki day starts at 11pm

Today I decided to conduct a pesonalized study session as I was in the mood. I’ve never done it before. Apparently they affect the cards.

Turns out I did about 1k cards and now anki shows I’m on the previous day. For example, today is the 12th. Anki continues to show me that I am on the 11th.

I’ve tried everything. Change the time, go to my windows 10 and try for there (dualboot), ankiweb. Nothing. Niet. Nain.

I don’t know what to do anymore. could you help me?

Custom study does not alter the time a new day starts at. I recommend you reset the ‘new day starts at’ to 4am unless you’re awake during that time, and disable the legacy timezone option in the preferences screen, as AnkiDroid’s handling of it appears to be buggy.