Anki Time Intervals Changing By Itself

Hi guys!

My anki time interval on “hard” just went from 12.5h to 1 day by itself,while i was doing my deck.Can someone explain to me why this happened? Is it related to the algorithm or the settings settled? HELP!

It’s the AnKing deck

*All cards went to that time interval - new cards and the old ones as well


What are your learning steps?
What time of day were you studying?
What is your start-next-day-at time?

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Thank you for the reply,Danika!

I was studying from 8am to 5pm.I’m from Brazil,i don’t know if Anki related to the US GMT or my local time.

My settings:

It would be your own (your device’s) timezone.
You can find your next-day time in your Preferences - Anki Manual. The default is 4am.

For the Hard button on a card in learning/relearning steps, the interval is the average of Again (same step you are on) and Good (the next step) – Studying - Anki Manual. That’s why you usually see 12.5h – it’s about halfway between 25m and 1d.

But if a step will cross the day boundary, it is automatically converted to days. So, for you, anything you study after 3:30pm will give you a 1d interval for Hard – since you won’t be able to study it in 12.5 hours and have it sitll be today.

Converting short intervals to days is probably how you want it. A “1d” interval doesn’t mean you have to wait 24h to see the card – it’s the opposite. The card will be available to study with all other cards that are due that day – starting at 4am or whenever your day-boundary is.


Thank you so much,Danika! I appreciate it!

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