Anki started giving me some cards after 1 day even though their interval is bigger

A few days ago I had some problems with time zones (new day on ankidroid would be an our off from the pc). I resolved it by changing the time zone on my pc but I ended up shifting the new day time a few times in the process and got cards that were due 1-2 days later. I didn’t care that much at first but after all that I had a feeling that cards appeared more often then they should so I looked up info of some of them and it seems that I started getting cards that I’m supposed to relearn several or many days later (the screenshot).

It seems that after review on 2021-05-20 @ 17:37 I should’ve got the card only after five days (which is weird on its own since my third lapses interval is actually 7 days (not 5) and my easy graduating interval ( 2021-05-09 @ 10:34) is 3 days, but in info it was only 2) but I got it on the very next day ( 2021-05-21 @ 18:22). Also the day it started happening it showed as if i didn’t have any cards due that day but the next day it showed that i had. I tried checking database and got this

But I’m not sure if it’s related.
So far it seems it affects cards that were in relearning phase or those that just changed the type to review from relearning before the problem with time zone but I’m not sure about those that get into relearning after that. They didn’t seem to come up the very next day but I’m not sure if they’re actually ok since I can’t skip time and test them.
Now I’m not sure what to do. Is it all normal? If no - should I load a back up? Could it actually fix it? Or maybe it’s not lethal and I should just go with it and maybe it’ll get back to normal? I’ve never used backups so I’m not sure how they work and if it’s worth it.

Anki version is 2.1.35 and I use standard scheduler.

Anki adjusts the next Review interval , including the Graduating ivl – see ‘fuzz’ in the manual.
On the next release, the fuzz wiil be shown ‘‘on time’’ thus - we can see the Actual interval on the info screen.

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I guess that might be the case for the intervals that are displayed as actually shortened (21-05-18, 21-05-20), so like fuzz could decrease 7 days to 5, but it doesn’t seem to be related to the other problem - I had cards that had 2 months intervals, but they would be shown on the next day after the review as if they have 1 day interval, even though in the info it still displays 2 months. I doubt fuzz could cause that?

The v1 scheduler set the review date when the card lapses, not when it graduates. I recommend updating to the newer scheduler. The Anki 2.1 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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Ok, I’ll try doing that, thanks <3