Cards are showing earlier than the set learning interval (due date and interval are not matching)

Hi, so for example I set the interval to this card in 13 days on the 10th of Jan, but the due date has been set to the 13th of Jan. Other cards are being shown earlier than the supposed due date. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

[It is always worthwhile to keep your reports all together in the same post, when you see the same happening. There's a problem with the card schedule]

Do you have any scheduling/rescheduling add-ons installed that could be impacting this?
What version are you using?

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What version of Anki is being used here? Only the v2 scheduler lets add-ons change the scheduling. With v3 and FSRS they can’t do so. And v2 is no longer supported in versions 23.10 and higher.

You had a backlog.

On 2023-08-19, the interval was set to 6 days, but you didn’t review it again until 2023-09-10, which was 22 days later.

On that date (2023-09-10), the interval was set to 9 days, but you didn’t review it again until 2024-01-10, which was 122 days later.

I’m not sure how the v2 or v3 schedulers handle this situation. Maybe it decided it needed to show the card again sooner? That’s just a wild guess, though. But if you’re still using v2, maybe it could be an add-on affecting it.

Sorry for the late reply, but this is the version I’m using

I also used “Delay Overdue Cards” for cards that I couldn’t attend to during then


Hmm. I used the delay overdue cards addon but it was working fine until I uploaded the anki to the newest version a couple of days ago.
If this is the problem, would I have to downgrade my anki?

Before you upgrade to a new Anki version, you should always check your add-ons to make sure they are compatible with it. This seems especially important for one like this that is making changes to your database – because the database can change in an upgrade.

Since you used an add-on to force a change on the schedule, this doesn’t seem to be a sign of any kind of a bug in Anki. I don’t know what that add-on did, but it seems to be adding incorrect information to your database. Check with the add-on author and see if they can make sense of it.

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Okay I guess I should try and downgrade it then

I wouldn’t have a lot of hope that an add-on that hasn’t been updated since 2020 will work with another recent version of Anki, but sure, it’s worth a shot.

Make sure you downgrade first.

Thanks I downgraded it and have opened an issue in the author’s repository. I’ll update this post for others if I there are any changes.

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