Cards are repeating learning steps instead of graduating

Hey! I’m not really well versed in anki but I use it routinely for STEP 1 prep. My settings before used to do the following:

  1. If I unlocked a new card and clicked good for that card, it would show up in 3 days. If I clicked again for the new card, it would show up in 3 minutes.
  2. When I saw the card again in 3 days, if I clicked good, it would show up in 5 days.

Right now, the issue I’m facing is with the 2nd bullet point above. On my second pass of the card, if I click good, it will show up in 3 days again when I actually want it to show up in 5 days. I’m not sure why and it’s really messing with my STEP prep!

In the first image, you can see my settings in case I have made a mistake with them.

In the second image, you can see info for a card I did today which I had unlocked on the 6th and clicked good for. Today I also clicked good and instead of being pushed 5 days, it is still pushed 3 days.

Thank you for all your help!

Note: In the past few days I have updated my anki to the newest version and have been using v3 scheduler. I had also toggled FSRS on for a few minutes but then toggled it off.

Seems like Time intervals the same on 2nd day reviewing - #2 by szalejot, in which case I guess the card is already a review card with interval 5 days + fuzz.

I would have thought so too but for some reason the cards which should have become review cards are still learning cards. I did some digging and the ease is still staying at 0%

Try searching previous topics more, maybe somebody found the reason.
Do you use syncing? These two people were:

Hmm it seems like a problem could be that I altered the interval steps before and after syncing. If that’s the case, will the problem resolve on its own or do I need to change anything to fix it?

@dae, can you look at this?

It may be caused by making changes on multiple devices before syncing. It will likely resolve itself when the cards are reviewed again.

It fixed itself. I think the issue was less of a syncing issue and moreso that when I had upgraded and the intervals changed, the cards that were in learning were messed up.

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